In well over a century the School has seen only nine Headmasters. The steady growth in size of the School and its strong traditions are largely the result of the dedicated service of this small group of scholars and administrators. Their names and years of office are listed below.

Headmaster Former Positions 

E I ROBSON (1889-1900)
BA (Cantab), MA (Melbourne)

Formerly Classical Tutor of Ormond College, Melbourne

C H HODGES (1900-1910)
MA (Oxon)

Formerly Headmaster, Townsville Grammar School

W A PURVES (1910-1922)
MA, (Oxon)

Formerly Headmaster, Toowoomba Grammar School

L C ROBSON (1923-1958)
CBE, MC, MA(Oxon), BSc(Sydney)

Formerly Senior Mathematical Master, Geelong Church of England Grammar School

B H TRAVERS (1959-1984)
AM, OBE, MA BLitt(Oxon), BA(Sydney) FACE

Formerly Headmaster, Launceston Church Grammar School

R A I GRANT (1984-2002)
AM, BEc(Sydney), DipEd(University of New England), BEd(Melbourne), MACE

Formerly Deputy Headmaster, Canberra Grammar School

T A WRIGHT (2003-2019 )
PhD, DipEd, BSc(Hons), FACE, MRACI, CChem

Formerly Headmaster, All Saints College Bathurst, 1993-2002 and Second Master Trinity Grammar School, Summer Hill.

T A PETTERSON (2020-2022)
BSc(Hons), PhD, MBA, GradDipEd, DipBS, MACE
Formerly Headmaster, St Philip's Christian College Port Stephens, 2013-2019 and Housemaster/Academic Year co-ordinator The King's School 2002-2012. 
J COLLIER (2022 - 
BA, Dip Ed, Dip Bibl St, Ed D, FACE, FACEL
Current Headmaster. Formerly Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Head of St Andrew’s Cathedral Gawura (Indigenous) School for 12 years (2010-2021), Principal of St Paul’s Grammar School, Cranbrook (1997-2009) and Principal of Thomas Reddall High School, Ambarvale (1991-1997).

The portraits of all former Headmasters are to be found in the War Memorial Hall. The present Headmaster joined the School in July 2022.

E I Robson

E I Robson 1889 - 1900


C H Hodges 1900 - 1910

W A Purves

W A Purves 1910 - 1922

L C Robson

L C Robson 1923 - 1958

B H Travers

B H Travers 1959 - 1984

R A I Grant

R A I Grant 1984 - 2002

T A Wright

T A Wright 2003 - 2019